About Palanquin

Palanquin [pal-uhn-keen] is a design-make company with a focus on lighting and a passion for thoughtful objects.  We utilize the time honored techniques of glassblowing, wood turning, and mold making to produce style forward, warm and approachable designs.

We collaborate with a small group of local artisans and trusted visionaries to deliver a well made and finely distilled vision of the modern lifestyle.  Our goal is to offer ethereal lighting and versatile objects crafted in the west coast design tradition.


Short Story

Founded by Alex MacDonald in 2013 in Oakland, California, Palanquin is the crystallization of a vision to provide an organically growing line of handmade products.  With a background in fine art and training in both woodworking and glassblowing, Alex has set out to create dynamic pieces that express his love of materials and devotion to craftsmanship.