Have brunch with us

Come enjoy the brunch fare and shop the local maker market, at this years Brunch Market at The Progress.  Happening next Sunday December 10th from 11 until 2:30pm.  (Located 1525 Fillmore Street, San Francisco CA 94115).



Lighting Up The Capital

We are super excited about the opening of a new restaurant in Sacramento! We were absolutely honored to design some amazing custom lighting for CANON. Over the main dining area hosts large cluster chandeliers and special wall mounted Monk lights were designed for the banquettes. The bar is lit by five cascading Monk pendants and last but not least, we developed a special glass casting process for six pendants over a communal dining table near the entrance. 

For more details about owner Clay Nutting and the restaurants' Michlin awarded chef Brad Cecchi see articles in City Scout Mag and Sac Business Journal




You can find PALANQUIN next weekend at The Renegade San Francisco's summer show!  If you weren't able to see the new Six Bar Cuff and Earrings at West Coast Craft, this is your chance to make your Six Bar jewelry set complete!  Also, a perfect time to buy a Six Bar Necklace for that friend who's always borrowing yours.  Come see us at booth number 158 in the front of the Festival Pavilion.  See you soon!  






West Coast Craft Summer Show is this Weekend!

We're looking forward to a beautiful weekend in San Francisco.   Come out to see all of the amazing vendors at West Coast Craft!  Held at Fort Mason, June 13th and 14th, it's going to be an amazing show.  

PALANQUIN has collaborated with @westcoastcraft and @converse to support @youthartx.  Redesigned #chuctaylors will be available for auction all weekend long.  #wesctoastcraftvendor #WCCxConverse

>>>    New lighting and jewelry designs will be debuted at the show.  See you there!     <<< 








Shop PALANQUIN is Here

launch blog pic.jpg

We are very excited to announce that PALANQUIN Shop is live!  We have selected six items to offer through the shop that we feel reflect the spirit of the studio.  There, you will find two lamps: the Wilkens and the Madak.  One for ceiling, one for table, and each available in three colors:  Lagoon, Ivory, and Assam.  For your feet or your seat, we have the beautiful Eurasia Stool in 16in or 18in.  Drink in style with the Ballaton Cups, or give them as a gift to a very lucky friend.  And last but not least, the 6 Bar Keychain and Necklace are finally available online! 





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Thanks Renegade SF!

The view from the side door... gorgeous location!&nbsp;

The view from the side door... gorgeous location! 

Thanks to everyone at #RenegadeSF for making our first show so awesome!  We had great neighbors and so many friendly and interesting folks stopped by throughout the weekend. We're busy getting ready for #RenegadeLA this weekend, so goodbye for now! 


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Process Peek:  Eurasia Stool

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Process Peek: Eurasia Stool


When Alex was traveling in Beijing in 2010, he was captivated by the widespread use of small stools in public life.  They were everywhere!  People sat on them to hang out and chat, to repair bicycles, to sell food, or just to read a newspaper.  Each person seemed to have an intimate relationship with their stool, signaled by personal touches and repairs.  Their simple design and size made them extremely comfortable, and though many were roughly made from scrap materials, they still possessed a compelling character.  So captivated was he, that he had to buy an extra piece of luggage just to transport the variety of stools that he purchased back to the states.  Since he returned, he has been looking at small folding stools from around the world, and these reflections have lead to the creation of the Eurasia Stool.  Comfortable, functional, and elegant, it can be placed easily with a range of decor or taken on the go!

The Eurasia Stool is made in either black walnut or ash.  All of the stools have a hexagonal brass axle and leather seat.  Join me as we take a little peek into how the stools are made! 

Black Walnut and Ash are planed and cut.

Then the base is carefully assembled for strength and stability.

The holes are drilled for the axle, and the brass is cut.

Once the base is assembled, the leather is measured and cut.

After lots of sanding and oiling with pure Chinese tung oil, the stools are assembled and ready to roll!  

~by Ruth Bosco


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What's Up With PALANQUIN?


Thanks to everyone who has been visiting the site and signing up for the newsletter.  We've been getting a lot of great feedback, and I'm happy to say that e-commerce will soon be available!  


This summer, you can find Palanquin wares at Renegade SF, and Renegade LA.  In addition to the Spring Line pieces, Alex has been collaborating with a ceramicist, and jeweler from the Bay Area to create some really beautiful products that will also be available.  More to come on that soon!  Palanquin will also be at West Coast Craft Fair this winter, which is a really great new show that's in it's second year.

In other news, Photosynthesis Studios, where Palanquin glass is made, has just become a Co-op!  Congratulations to Alex and all the other artists who now make up Bohemian Glassworks!  There are lots of amazing projects happening at the space, including the Glass Water Bottle Project.  Check out their Indigogo campaign here.

Coming soon:  highlights on the new product collaborations, and detailed process info from the Spring Line pieces.  

~Ruth Bosco

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Getting Ready for Late Spring Launch


Getting Ready for Late Spring Launch

Materials Preview

I visited Studio Palanquin today to see what Alex has been up to as he develops the line which is due to be released in late Spring.  When I got there, he was working on assembling turning blanks for the wood lathe.  Alex always says, you can never have too many clamps! 

So Many Clamps!

It all starts with sketches, which get turned into 3D renderings.  From there, he creates wooden shapes on the lathe, and from these, casts two-part plaster molds. 

wood and mold

After the molds are finished, they are moved to the glass shop, where they are dried in an oven.  When the molds are ready, Alex and a team of glassblowers gather and shape the hot glass to the appropriate size to fit into the mold.  The final step of the glassblowing process is blowing it into the mold, where it gets its unique shape.  From there, it cools until it's ready to travel back to the shop for assembling. 

the glass and the molds

Alex works with a variety of materials to create his lighting and objects.  Right now, he is particularly interested in the combination of glass, hardwoods, and brass.  During my visit, I also got a preview of the new black walnut, brass, and leather stool, which will also be released as part of the Spring Line.  More to come on that!

-by Ruth Bosco