Thanks to everyone who has been visiting the site and signing up for the newsletter.  We've been getting a lot of great feedback, and I'm happy to say that e-commerce will soon be available!  


This summer, you can find Palanquin wares at Renegade SF, and Renegade LA.  In addition to the Spring Line pieces, Alex has been collaborating with a ceramicist, and jeweler from the Bay Area to create some really beautiful products that will also be available.  More to come on that soon!  Palanquin will also be at West Coast Craft Fair this winter, which is a really great new show that's in it's second year.

In other news, Photosynthesis Studios, where Palanquin glass is made, has just become a Co-op!  Congratulations to Alex and all the other artists who now make up Bohemian Glassworks!  There are lots of amazing projects happening at the space, including the Glass Water Bottle Project.  Check out their Indigogo campaign here.

Coming soon:  highlights on the new product collaborations, and detailed process info from the Spring Line pieces.  

~Ruth Bosco

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