When Alex was traveling in Beijing in 2010, he was captivated by the widespread use of small stools in public life.  They were everywhere!  People sat on them to hang out and chat, to repair bicycles, to sell food, or just to read a newspaper.  Each person seemed to have an intimate relationship with their stool, signaled by personal touches and repairs.  Their simple design and size made them extremely comfortable, and though many were roughly made from scrap materials, they still possessed a compelling character.  So captivated was he, that he had to buy an extra piece of luggage just to transport the variety of stools that he purchased back to the states.  Since he returned, he has been looking at small folding stools from around the world, and these reflections have lead to the creation of the Eurasia Stool.  Comfortable, functional, and elegant, it can be placed easily with a range of decor or taken on the go!

The Eurasia Stool is made in either black walnut or ash.  All of the stools have a hexagonal brass axle and leather seat.  Join me as we take a little peek into how the stools are made! 

Black Walnut and Ash are planed and cut.

Then the base is carefully assembled for strength and stability.

The holes are drilled for the axle, and the brass is cut.

Once the base is assembled, the leather is measured and cut.

After lots of sanding and oiling with pure Chinese tung oil, the stools are assembled and ready to roll!  

~by Ruth Bosco


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